Drawing lots

Where can I draw lots?

  1. Drawing lots for Sinterklaas is possible at Sinterklaasje.nl .
  2. Special christmas lots are sent via Kerstlootjes.nl .

When drawing lots I mis-typed an email address. Can this be solved?

  1. Yes. As organiser of the drawing, you can solve such problems via the link in the confirmation email.
  2. If the email address does not exist, you will be notified automatically.
  3. If the mis-typed email address exists, you can withdraw the lot and resend it to the correct email address.

A lot did not arrive. What now?

  1. It occasionally happens that a lot does not arrive, due to a full email box, a to strict spam filter, or an incorrect email address.
  2. The organiser of the draw can solve such problems via the link in the confirmation email.
  3. If we receive information that a lot has not arrived, we will inform the organiser.
  4. Sometimes a lot ends up in the ’unsollicited email’ folder. In such cases we will not receive information. You can avoid this by adding ’Wishdata’ to your safe list (click for example ’Allow sender’ in Live Mail).

I deleted the email with my lot and now I forgot who I draw. Can somebody help me?

  1. Yes. The organiser of the draw can have your lot resent via the link in the confirmation email.

Does the function ’avoid that someone draws the same person as previous year’ only work when you draw lost via internet for the second time?

  1. Yes. Our system automatically remembers who draw who.
  2. This option only works in combination with the gift registry service.
  3. To make sure the outcome is uncertain, at least four participant are required to allow this option to work.

I want to organise a Sinterklaas party. Where can I draw lots in English?

  1. Drawing lots in English .

I see some old gift gift registry's. How is that possible?

  1. Many people use their personal gift registry the whole year round for their birthday, christmas, graduation, et cetera. Give the others some time to update their gift registry’s. ( How can I remove a gift registry of someone else from my menu? , I have more than one account related to different email adresses. How can I join them into one? )

I cannot see everyone's gift registry. What to do?

  1. A gift registry becomes visible once the participant creates a free profile (one mouseclick) and gives the rest of the group access to his or her gift registry (one more mouseclick).

One of the participants had a gift registry, but this is not visible for the rest of the group. Can this be solved?

  1. The organiser of the draw can withdraw the lot of this participant and resend it (to the same email address). Explanation in dutch:
  2. Bij een trekking met cadeaulijstjes worden in het cadeaulijstjessysteem automatisch nieuwe onderlinge relaties gelegd, zodat iedereen elkaar met één muisklik toegang kan geven tot zijn of haar cadeaulijstje.
  3. Als een deelnemer er in eerste instantie voor kiest om geen profiel aan te maken, worden alle gegevens over deze deelnemer uit het cadeaulijstjessysteem gewist. Als hij of zij daarna alsnog een cadeaulijstje aanmaakt, worden er geen automatische relaties gelegd.
  4. De organisator van de trekking kan dit oplossen door het lootje voor diegene in te trekken en vervolgens opnieuw te versturen (naar hetzelfde emailadres). De relaties worden dan alsnog gelegd en degene kan met één muisklik de rest van de groep toegang geven.

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