Gift registries of other people

How do I get access to the gift registry of a friend or family member?

  1. Go to ‘Edit your interests’.
  2. Show interest based on the email address of the person whose gift registry you would like to visit. If you know the gift registry number – for example from an invitation - you can use the gift registry number to show your interest.
  3. The owner or manager of the gift registry consequently receives your message and can easily give you access.

How can I be kept informed of new wishes on gift registries of other people by email?

  1. Go to the gift registry that you would like to be kept informed about.
  2. Select ’high’ at ’Your interest’ and ’yes’ at ’Email updates’.

How can I remove a gift registry of someone else from my menu?

  1. Visit the gift registry that you would like te remove.
  2. Select ’none’ at ’Your interest for this gift registry’ ( How can I remove an old gift registry? ).

How can I remove an old gift registry?

  1. If an email address is no longer in use, you can remove the gift registry .
  2. If the email address does exist, the owner of the gift registry will be able to update or remove the gift registry.

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