Logging in

I have a problem logging in. What could be the problem?

  1. The combination of the email address and the password is incorrect.
  2. First you should check for typing errors in the email address.
  3. If your email address is correct, you can request a password reminder ( send password reminder ).

The gift registry service tells me that there is a problem with cookies. How can I fix that?

  1. The gift registry services uses a cookie to prevent constant logging in during your visit to the gift registry service. This cookie is not saved on your harddisk, but in the memory of your web browser. This cookie will automatically be removed, after closing your web browser.
  2. The gift registry service will notify you in case your browser does not accept cookies. To use the gift registry service you should change the privacy settings of your browser to accept cookies for wishdata.net.
  3. How you should do this depends on the browser you are using (e.g. Netscape, Internet Explorer). Consult the help function of your browser for more information.

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